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Waving Hello

August 12, 2010

I suppose it’s like Stockholm Syndrome on a string. Usually summers are spent with at least a motion towards breaking free from things football for a few weeks; Last Seat on the Plane cannot profess to have been similarly refreshed in the hyphen between World Cup and 2010/11 season but it’s back, acquiescently immersed for the next nine months and, hell, pretty excited about it too.

No mission statements here, even if an opening salvo like this one smacks a little of OCD. Throughout the season, starting this very weekend, this site will veer in whatever direction it takes – simply providing a home for my non-Arsenal related articles and thoughts about football, both spur-of-the-moment and more carefully formulated. If this blog has nothing else, it has a thirst for knowledge and experiences, and that’ll be reflected in its travels and endeavours – around Europe and beyond, as well as closer to home. One thing I won’t be doing is hand-wringing over stuff like the England captaincy and David Beckham memorial matches, but there’s a good Telegraph journalist out there for those requirements. Hopefully you’ll see enough to want to return, and with any luck you’d like to join in the debate too.

For now, you can read a very brief biog in ‘About’. And if you’re new or have stumbled here, check out my posts from South Africa 2010 – usually early-morning attempts to blend “what I did on my holidays” with an attempt at football insight.

This WordPress arrangement, by the way, is not only evolving but also pretty temporary – I’ve a man on the case – so I’m open to suggestions about aesthetics etc. Hopefully, adequate writing will trump bells and whistles; if these pages add the tiniest amount to the growing stable of thought-provoking football blogs that are accessible to us all, it’ll have been a pleasure.

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